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Last year I went to a town in Bosnia named Mostar. (Where else would one vacation other than Bosnia and Herzegovina...)

The center of the old town has a very high bridge spanning across it.

It's a VERY steep drop down to the river below.

A giant crowd started gathering on the streets.

And a man hustled his way through the crowd collecting money.

What for?


To jump off the bridge.

Once he had his bag of loot, he handed it to his son, then he climbed up on the edge, stood up tall, put his arms out to the adoring crowd, and then...


He did a smooth entry into the river below with very little splash.

He waved back to his fans and then swam to shore.

Surely there is a better way of earning a living?

(And what does his son say at school when asked what his father does?)

What's this got to do with you?


How many of you are jumping off a bridge in your real estate businesses?

(Or in your lives for that matter?)

But jumping unconscientiously with no plan for the future, no idea how to sustain, no idea how to grow and thrive, and no idea if there is even water below to soften the blow.

You don't need to be jumping off a bridge for a living.

Figuratively or literally.


Be on purpose.

Be on target.

Build a business to continually support you.

Do it by design.

Not by default.

Learn my techniques for Rapid Cash Generation and use the knowledge and profits to easily keep your feet on solid ground.

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Tom Zeeb

Traction Real Estate Mentors

We have heard it time and time is a numbers game. Truth be told it is. In order to make money you have to have deals, in order to have deals one must have leads, to have leads you must market for leads. So marketing is the key.

The more consistent marketing and frequent marketing you do the better your chances are of getting countless leads and leads produce deals. Therefore there are three types marketing to focus on

  1. Direct Marketing: -  this is marketing to a specific audience, e.g other RE investors

  2. Broadcast Marketing: - marketing to a wide audience, no one specifically, but with the hope of drawing someone's interest. e.g. Bandit signs. magnetic door signs

  3. Network Marketing: - being involved with different RE groups and organizations, passing out your business cards, talking about your business to any and everyone, letting them know what you do.

Do these three marketing techniques and watch your business grow and profit...

  1. Don’t expect to be perfect. The mistakes people make when building new business are similar to what someone experiences trying to run a marathon for the first time. Your first deal is not likely the one that makes you wealthy. It will take continuos effort and the will power to stay the course

  2. Don’t get paralyzed by your fears. “We see new people get paralyzed by their worries about what’s coming,” “What happens if my deal is not accepted? What if my deal is accepted but funding is not in place? What happens if I grow too big and need to change company structure?” These and a thousand other questions won’t matter if you never get your Real Estate Investing business off the ground,  worries often stop prospective entrepreneurs from building any business at all. Worrying prematurely will sap the valuable motivation you’ll need to pull you through the long road to success.

  3. Don’t get derailed by your first setback. “We see far too many new fired fired up with ambition that fades away with the first inevitable obstacle.When building your business, understand that you will experience issues on a day-to-day basis. There will be customer service issues, product and inventory problems, employee issues. At one time or another, every area of the business will feel like it’s falling apart. This is the strain that comes from building something that’s never existed before by someone who’s never done it before (that’s you), But also know that after you work through the pain and the bumps in the road, the freedom you gain from knowing you will never have to depend on someone else for your financial freedom is well worth it.

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