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Numbers Game

We have heard it time and time is a numbers game. Truth be told it is. In order to make money you have to have deals, in order to have deals one must have leads, to have leads you must market for leads. So marketing is the key.

The more consistent marketing and frequent marketing you do the better your chances are of getting countless leads and leads produce deals. Therefore there are three types marketing to focus on

  1. Direct Marketing: -  this is marketing to a specific audience, e.g other RE investors

  2. Broadcast Marketing: - marketing to a wide audience, no one specifically, but with the hope of drawing someone's interest. e.g. Bandit signs. magnetic door signs

  3. Network Marketing: - being involved with different RE groups and organizations, passing out your business cards, talking about your business to any and everyone, letting them know what you do.

Do these three marketing techniques and watch your business grow and profit...

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