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Simple vs. Easy??

Simple vs. Easy, the Power of Execution and how to Stop Over-Complicating Everything!!

Do you know the saying “If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it”?

It’s often applied to real estate (and business) by many people, including me.

Well, people often mistake “easy” with “simple”.

See, real estate is often positioned (and sold by gurus) as an easy business.

“Buy low, sell high, make money.”

“Easy” means it doesn’t require much work. Anyone can do it, anyone can be successful overnight.

But when you get into the nuts and bolts, all excited by the possibilities of quick paydays and big riches, with visions of big mansions and yachts and fancy cars that you will undoubtedly be able to afford by next month, you realize that there’s a lot more that goes into this business than you were told.

And then you come to the realization that this business actually takes a lot of work.

What the gurus and the media and the late-night informercials mean when they say real estate is “EASY” is actually that it’s “SIMPLE”, not “easy”.

Easy = doesn’t require much work and can be done by anyone.

Simple = the concept itself is easy to master, though it requires work to bring to life.

“Buy low, sell high” – simple concept, but one that still requires execution and work. Thus – not easy!

“Find a motivated seller, connect them to hungry buyers” – simple concept, but one that still requires execution and work. Thus – not easy!

“Find a house, rehab it, rent it out and collect checks for life” – simple concept, but one that still requires execution and work. Thus – not easy!

The most successful people I know in real estate are NOT the smartest. They didn’t start out wealthy or have fancy educations. They are not the most analytical, or thoughful, or mathematically gifted. They don’t need to be super smart because the concepts are simple.

But they execute ferociously. They are hustlers.

They go deep into one niche, they don’t go wide and try to learn every real estate strategy there is.

They don’t overcomplicate this business – because remember: it’s SIMPLE.

But they realize it’s not EASY and that it requires real hustle and hard work and building REAL relationships.

And it requires execution.

Here’s what I mean and here’s how you must approach execution:

Simple Concept => Execution

So the execution plan would be:

  1. Research what cash buyers are buying in what market

  2. Go find similar deals and put them under contract

  3. Flip the contract to buyers (they’re everywhere – trust me)

This is the kind of execution plan that will make you money out of the gate.

Simple Concept => Targeted Execution => Results

So let’s recap:

If something is easy, it means anyone can do it and there’s probably a ton of competition because the business has no barriers to entry, requires little work, and can be done by anyone.

If something is simple, then the concept is easy to grasp, but the business requires hustle and execution. This makes for a great business because it doesn’t require a business degree, a PhD or lots of money to start, but it requires the one quality that most people lack: ability to execute fearlessly and strategically.

......Daniil Kleyman

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